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Vote for the best Mets defensive play of 2014

The nominees include plenty of awesomeness from Gold Glover Juan Lagares.

Mike Stobe

After determining the Most Regrettable Mets Moment of 2014 yesterday, we turn to a more pleasant category: Best Mets Defensive Play of 2014. The nominees could probably be a greatest hits of Juan Lagares's season, but we've added a few non-Lagares plays as well. He would certainly win for body of work. Let's see if he will win for best play.

Here are the nominees, in chronological order:

Lagares flies into the wall in Atlanta

April 9, vs Atlanta Braves

Lagares robs Jayson Werth of a home run

May 17, vs Washington Nationals

Lagares takes extra bases away from Brandon Belt

August 2, vs San Francisco Giants

Lagares shows off his cannon

August 4, vs San Francisco Giants

Lagares takes a hit away from Denard Span

August 5, vs Washington Nationals

David Wright's barehanded catch and throw

August 6, vs Washington Nationals

turn triple play, with a hat tip to Yasiel Puig

August 24, vs Los Angeles Dodgers

Lagares lays out against the Braves

August 26, vs Atlanta Braves

Lagares does it again
, vs the Rockies

September 8, vs Colorado Rockies

Wilmer Flores
dives to make the catch

September 14, vs Washington Nationals

There are the nominees, folks. Vote for your favorite in the poll below.