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Eric Young Jr. a more likely non-tender candidate than Ruben Tejada

The outfielder is projected to make more in arbitration than the shortstop.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

If the Mets had to choose between Eric Young Jr. and Ruben Tejada, which player would they decide to keep? Adam Rubin is reporting that Ruben Tejada is the likely answer to that question.

The team could choose to offer arbitration to both players, but if they could only sign one, that player would likely be Tejada while Young gets non-tendered.

Rubin reasons that Young -- who played in 100 games and was worth 1.2 fWAR last season -- is projected to earn $2.25 million in arbitration, which is more than the Mets are willing to spend on a fifth outfielder.

Tejada had an identical fWAR in 2014 thanks to his defensive prowess, but the Mets have made no secret about their desire to get more pop out of the position in 2015. Wilmer Flores would probably start on Opening Day if the Mets make no further moves.

Rubin estimates that these is a "better than 50-50" chance that Flores starts at shortstop on Opening Day with Daniel Mruphy at second and Tejada backing up the middle infield.

On the other hand, the surprise signing of Michael Cuddyer indicates that the Mets will be aggressive in seeking an offensive upgrade at shortstop this winter.