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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 94: We're ambivalent about Wilmer Flores

In a week where there is not a lot of Mets news, it's even easier than usual for Greg and Jeffrey to lose the plot.

Run Time: 1:14:18

In the "Brett Saberhagen: not just an odd-numbered year wizard" edition, Jeffrey and Greg do not have a lot of Mets stuff to talk about. So what do they talk about? Certainly not the new Citi Field dimensions. Possibly the good run of form by Newcastle United? Perhaps a too long look into The Mountain Goats discography? Maybe an analysis of "Too Many Cooks?" Rest assured, there is some actual Mets content as we attempt to come to terms with the likelihood of Wilmer Flores, everyday shortstop, ponder our prospect breakout candidates for 2015, and answer your e-mails on the Mets bullpen, Kevin Plawecki, and the next Jacob deGrom.

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