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Mets rumors: Mets would be willing to give up another draft pick

Sandy Alderson says that, given the right deal, the Mets would give up another pick.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Sandy Alderson spoke with MLB Network Radio about his approach to the offseason and said that the Mets would be willing to give up their second-round draft pick in the right deal. Alderson referred to a "Nelson Cruz type deal" as one that the Mets would consider. He said that the Mets would be more comfortable with losing a second-round draft pick because they already lost their first-round pick by signing Michael Cuddyer.

The list of unsigned players who have received a qualifying offer—and who therefore would cost the Mets a draft pick—includes Melky Cabrera, Nelson Cruz, Francisco Liriano, David Robertson, Ervin Santana, Max Scherzer, and James Shields. Given the Mets' starting pitching depth, and the fact they have seemingly rounded out their starting outfield with the Cuddyer signing, the most likely target on the list is David Robertson. Robertson has said he is looking for "Papelbon money," but he may be willing to take a lesser offer from the Mets if he isn't extended a long-term deal by late winter.

With the most prominent shortstop of this year's free agent class, Hanley Ramirez, having signed with the Red Sox, the Mets could also look at players like Asdrubal Cabrera and Jed Lowrie, who were not given qualifying offers. Alderson did make it clear that the Mets were not looking to splurge, however, stating:

"Look, if in Janaury, a player who's been extended a qualifying offer is going for in a Nelson Cruz kind of situation like last year and it's in an area of need we certainly would consider it."