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Mets unveil uniform changes for 2015

Highlights include a new home jersey and a new alternate road cap. Fans of the snow white jerseys will not be pleased.

Mitchell Layton

The snow white jerseys are gone. That's the big takeaway from today's news that the Mets will sport a slightly different uniform set in 2015. The big highlight is a new white home jersey with blue pinstripes. Previously, the team wore blue pinstripes at home, but only on an off-white jersey. There will now be just two home shirts: a white one with pinstripes and an alternate blue one.

There's also some hat changes. The alternate blue road jersey is now paired with an alternate road hat that appears to be all blue but with a gray/silver "NY" outlined in orange. That will go well with the gray/silver lettering on the blue road shirt.

Also, the batting practice hat now has an orange front panel. It looks like the special All-Star hat that Daniel Murphy wore in Minnesota but with a running Mr. Met instead of the primary hat logo.

The camouflage jerseys are apparently returning, as well as the alternate orange-brimmed home hats.

Also, in that picture above, only the white home jersey has a number on the front, but I'm assuming that all the jerseys will have that feature until we're told otherwise.

No "Los Mets" jersey is shown, so it's unclear if the special edition uniform is making a return. The orange jersey that the Mets have worn for the past two seasons would make a good excuse to wear the batting practice hat during a real game.

Here's a closer look at the new home jerseys. You can check out the new road and batting practice caps here.

The Mets have announced that the new swag will go on sale starting November 21 at the team store and team website.