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Josh Lewin will return to call Mets games in 2015

The self-described dork is reportedly having his contract renewed and will continue broadcasting Mets game alongside Howie Rose.


In case you hated the uniform changes that the Mets announced earlier today, here's some good news.

Josh Lewin is back! Don't like him either? Well, in that case I've got nothing for you. Lewin has proven to be funny and insightful during his two seasons with the team, so I for one am glad that he'll be back in the Peerless Boilers Broadcast Booth for a third straight season and hopefully many more.

Perhaps Lewin's best attribute is the chemistry he shares with Howie Rose. We all know how things can sometimes get awkward between announcers, but that rarely seems to happen with Lewin and Rose. Both guys share a passion for baseball and the Mets that can carry fans through even the toughest of times. This is a team that has just as much potential as the one on the field.