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Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 97:'s...Shortstop Avenue Audio

We wrap up another year of Mets podcasts with every shortstop we didn't discuss...uh, in the previous year of podcasts.

Run Time: 1:46:37

In the ""The Podcast is also cursed. That’s bad. But it comes with your choice of shortstops. That’s good! The shortstops contain potassium benzoate. Uh… That’s bad" edition, after a series of calamities befell our hosts (including a dead cell phone during the Rule 5 draft), Greg and Jeffrey finally get around to recording a podcast. There isn't much more to talk about than there was last week, but there is the John Mayberry, jr signing, a Rule 5 draft recap, and the final Shortstop Avenue Audio of 2014 to cover. There is also a terrible cocktail of the week and a whole bunch of your e-mails. See you in 2015! (unless the Mets do something big in 2014, so see you in 2015)

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Don't forget you can email the show at And tune in next year for more Amazin' Avenue Audio, though likely not much will have changed other than the date in the podcast's metadata.

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