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Mets free agency: Mets "unlikely" to bid on Korean shortstop Jung-Ho Kang

Still undecided on Kodos.


Just one day after Jung-Ho Kang was officially posted, the Mets have pretty much ruled themselves out of the bidding or the Korean shortstop. In a meeting with reporters during the Mets' holiday party today, general manager Sandy Alderson said it's "unlikely" that the Mets would submit a bid to the Nexen Heroes, Kang's KBO team.

The Korean shortstop posted a KBO-leading 1.168 OPS in 2014 with 40 home runs. Alderson, however, seems to take that impressive campaign with a grain of salt, as he voiced his concerns over Kang's ability to transition his game to the major league level, as well as his defensive capabilities at shortstop.

It's no secret that the Mets came into the offseason looking for a shortstop upgrade. Other teams are fully aware of that as well, which could explain why the front office has yet to find the right deal on the trade market. Although there's still time for Alderson to make something happen, at this point Wilmer Flores as the 2015 Opening Day shortstop seems to be the most likely scenario.