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Mets trade rumors: Mets still talking Tulowitzki with Rockies, but lots of ground to cover

The two sides are still far apart as far as a concrete deal is concerned.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

If one thing is clear here at Amazin' Avenue, it's that we will feed the beast that is Troy Tulowitzki news. Is Tulo a good idea? Is Tulo a horrible idea? We can't say for sure. We know he's fun to talk about, though.

CBS baseball insider Jon Heyman reported this morning that even though the coveted shortstop does not have the Mets on his short list of teams to play for, the Queens-based club remains the best hope for the Rockies if they wish to work something out.

Getting in the way of a deal that makes so much sense given New York's pitching depth and glaring hole at shortstop is that Tulowitzki still has six years left on his contract. The Rockies may not feel the need to trade him unless they get bowled over by an offer. The Mets would prefer to hold onto pitchers like Zack Wheeler who are already in the majors while making a trade centered around Noah Syndergaard and their minor league depth.

Including one of Wheeler, Matt Harvey, or Jacob deGrom in the deal could be one way to overwhelm Colorado, but that might not be in the Mets' best interest. If the Rockies pitch in a lot of cash to help pay for the shortstop, however, they could earn themselves more prospects.

The bottom line is that no deal is imminent. Even though Tulowitzki is 30 years old, he could stand to raise his value with time if he proves he can play a full season without taking a trip to the disabled list. Although Mets fans might be desperate to see their team back in the postseason, the Rockies don't seem to be in any rush to unload their superstar.