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Mets Morning News: Strawberry to lose the banana stand, as his annuity is auctioned off

Your Tuesday morning dose of New York Mets and MLB news, notes, and links.

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Meet the Mets

The big news of yesterday was that the Mets and the Rockies can't seem to get together on a price for Troy Tulowitzki. This will be the least Tulowitzki-centric Morning News of the last week; I promise you that.

August Fagerstrom broke down just how the Mets are built, and what exactly a Sandy Alderson team looks like compared to the rest of the league.

The Mets are again considered to be on par with the Yankees in terms of World Series odds, as Bovoda's recent rankings have both clubs at 25/1.

In the less-upbeat news department, Darryl Strawberry's financial struggles continue, as a portion of the annuity from his Mets contract is set to be auctioned off buy the IRS this week.

Craig Calcaterra wrote up his imaginary Hall of Fame ballot, and it features two former Mets.

Around the NL East

Michael Jong breaks down the Marlins' lineups, with Martin Prado inserted in them.

The Nationals signed former Met and chronic complainer Heath Bell to a minor league deal.

Marlins Park hosted a football game last night, as BYU and Memphis fought it out in the Miami Beach Bowl. The game was excellent, but it was marred by an ugly fight between the two squads which may have gotten blood on Jeff Loria's precious sculpture.

Around the Majors

The Pirates are the big winners in the Jung-Ho Kang sweepstakes, as they submitted a $5 million bid to win Kang's services.

Johnny Cueto will wait out the market, and will look at what kind of contract Max Scherzer gets before signing with a team.

Phil Hughes was the beneficiary of a three-year extension, and Jeff Sullivan ponders what that extension means, and how he projects going forward.

Marco Scutaro may be hanging it up, as a back injury needing surgery will sideline him and he's not sure if he wants to go through the rehab process, to get back to the majors.

Our good buddy Eno Sarris described the new changes in certification that the MLBPA is forcing agents to go through.

Derek Jeter is seemingly enjoying the retired life, as he was spotted partying with thirty - yes, thirty - girls in a Manhattan club.

Japan's most well-known baseball club, the Yomiuri Giants are rocking the boat in the sports apparel industry, as they've announced a switch to Under Armour.

Yesterday at AA

Aaron Yorke discussed possible compensation options for Troy Tulowitzki.

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