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Matt Harvey is okay with Mets' 2015 innings plan

Both the player and the Mets agree that having Harvey ready for the postseason is top priority.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of weeks ago we told you about how the Mets plan to limit the amount of innings that star pitcher Matt Harvey throws during the 2015 regular season. Harvey, of course, is still recovering from the Tommy John surgery he underwent in 2013, but should be all set for spring training in February.

Now we know thanks to a Citi Field coat drive that Harvey is "completely on board" with the Mets' plan. Although last season he clashed with the front office regarding where his rehab work would be taking place, Harvey is going to soldier on this time and do what the organization asks of him.

"You know what? I'm going to be happy to throw an entire year," Harvey said Wednesday, after participating in a coat drive at Citi Field. "Whatever they decide, it's in the best interests of both the team and me moving forward. I can't wait to throw every five days and just be healthy for a full season.

"Looking forward, if you were to map out a whole season, you're going to have to figure out some changes throughout the year in order to get to a certain point. I mean, if you make 33 starts and seven innings a start, obviously doing the math that's over what I'm probably going to throw."

There's still plenty of speculation over how exactly the Mets will keep Harvey from throwing too much in 2015. They could skip a turn in the rotation here and there or even shut him down for two weeks at a time. Maybe if the Mets jump out to a big lead, they can stop Harvey after five innings and have the bullpen finish the game.

No matter what the Mets decide to do, Harvey knows that if it allows him to pitch in the postseason, it will be the right move.

"We fight so hard during the regular season to make the playoffs," he said. "Obviously, everybody who's going to be playing is going to have the playoffs on your mind. The last thing I would want to do is have to sit on my hands ... [and] not be able to pitch in the postseason. Whatever needs to be done to get us there, I'm all for. And whatever they decide for that whole process, I'm completely on board."