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Mets trade rumors: Mets might pay some of Bartolo Colon's salary in a deal

The Mets may have relaxed their stance that any team who trades for Bartolo Colon will have to pick up his entire salary.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Puma is reporting that the Mets would be willing to take on some of Bartolo Colon's salary should they find a suitor to whom he can be traded. Colon is owed $11 million in the second of his two-year deal.

Colon had an up-and-down 2014 season, ultimately finishing with a FIP of 3.57 and an ERA of 4.09. However, he proved extremely durable, logging 202 innings over 31 starts. His at-bats also served as a source of entertainment for fans.

While Colon would likely be a serviceable starter for another year, the Mets are faced with a glut of starting pitching. With Matt Harvey returning, there are six viable options for the rotation plus several prospects in the upper minors. The Mets' preference would be to trade one of Colon, Dillon Gee, or Jon Niese in order to clear space in the back end (pun somewhat intended) of the rotation. Colon's age and his relatively high salary are impediments to his being traded.