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Yankees sign Andrew Miller for four years, $36 million

The lefty reliever spent last season with New York's rivals in Boston and Baltimore.

H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best parts about the Mets' bullpen is that it's young, talented and affordable. The team doesn't need to go out on the free agent market and spend a lot of money on a player who is only going to pitch around 70 innings per season.

Enter the Yankees, who have fewer young arms and more money to spend than our beloved Mets. Even if spending $9 million per year on a middle relief pitcher doesn't seem especially prudent, when that cash is spent on a player who was as effective last season as Andrew Miller was, it could turn out well.

Miller is a former prospect in the Detroit system who was traded to Florida along with Cameron Maybin in the blockbuster trade of 2007 involving Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera. Since then, Miller has flamed out as a starter, be he's also reinvented himself as a relief pitcher.

Last season, Miller pitched excellently for both the Red Sox and Orioles, accumulating a 2.02 ERA and 0.80 WHIP in 62.1 innings. Those aren't LOOGY numbers either. Although Miller is left-handed, he threw 36.1 innings against right-handers in 2014 while holding them to a .208 wOBA.

Considering how dominant he was last season as well as the price the Yankees are paying, look for Miller to be a key part of the Bronx bullpen in 2015.