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Mets trade rumors: Dillon Gee is most likely Mets pitcher to be moved

The Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals are reportedly interested.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Niese is left-handed and on a long-term deal. Bartolo Colon is set to make around $11 million in 2015. Those facts have led us to this moment. The moment when we find out that the Mets are "aggressively" shopping Dillon Gee in their quest to improve the club's lineup.

Interested teams include the Royals, who will be short the services of James Shields in 2015, and the Rangers, who are looking to add depth to a rotation that was ravaged by injury last season.

Could Gee by himself bring back the sort of young shortstop that the Mets are known to covet? Probably not, but maybe if they throw in a young arm or two, they can convince Texas to part ways with former top prospect Jurickson Profar. There seem to be other suitors as well.

Although he's played four full seasons for the Mets, Gee is still just 28 years old and should make around $5 million in arbitration next year. After a career year in 2013, the Texan battled injury in 2014 and saw his ERA rise to 4.00 in 137.1 innings.