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Mets trade rumors: Alderson sees outside options at shortstop dwindling

The general manager says free agent options appear better than a trade right now.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

We've heard plenty of rumors regarding the Mets and shortstops since the winter meetings began on Monday. Starlin Castro has been mentioned in connection with the Mets since last summer. A couple of names out of Texas have emerged as well. There are even some overseas options to consider.

Sandy Alderson has left nary a corner of the market unchecked, but he's not finding many appealing prices so far. The general manager told reporters today that only two or three viable shortstop options are out there on the trade market. The club is more likely to go the free agent route to fill its shortstop hole. That means taking a chance on guys like Jed Lowrie or Everth Cabrera instead of dealing for sexier names like Castro or Alexei Ramirez.

If the Mets fail to come up with anything this winter, Wilmer Flores is considered the most likely option to start the season at shortstop. Alderson, however, would not completely close the door on Ruben Tejada.

While Mets fans will continue to hope that Alderson finds the right deal for the right player, it's been made clear that Alderson won't make a move for a shortstop just to make one.