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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 53

In the Ralph Kiner edition, Jeffrey and Matt reminisce about Ralph, Sunday afternoon baseball, and WWOR. We also answer your emails on Mets prospects and potential TRAIDs the Mets should consider in 2014 before wrapping up with our take on Greg Prince's query about what World Series title we'd most like to add to the trophy case.

Run Time: 1:43:13

On this week's episode...

We're going to miss Ralph in the booth on Sundays.

Cynicism and sports fandom.

Let's talk Mets history, since the Mets don't seem to like to do it.

A salute to the old home run apple.

A discussion of Ralph's playing career.

Jeffrey makes two Hall of Fame rants and probably offends every listener over 50.

"This is why we can only have you on the podcast like once every six months."

An obligatory Community reference.

Who should the Mets TRAID?

Jeffrey answers a bunch of prospect e-mails, while Matt sits quietly in the corner.

More food puns.

A discussion about which World Series trophy we want added to the trophy case.

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