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Mets Stat of the Day: Most fortunate Mets

Which Met received the most generous strike zone in 2013?


Earlier this week, we examined the Mets who had the most balls called strikes by the umpire. Reading some of the comments, I found there was interest to see the opposite view, that is, which Mets found good fortune from the man behind the plate.

The list is narrowed to Mets who saw at least 1000 pitches last season. The order is based on the percentage of pitches called balls that were in fact strikes. Interesting to find a catcher—perhaps an ump's best friend—leading the team.

Player % of strikes called balls
John Buck 1.8441 %
Juan Lagares 1.2689 %
Lucas Duda 1.1779 %
Ike Davis 1.0877 %
Eric Young 1.0724 %
Omar Quintanilla 1.0163 %
Daniel Murphy 0.8696 %
David Wright 0.8570 %
Marlon Byrd 0.5931 %

Source: Baseball Savant