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Mets Stat of the Day: Longest home runs of 2013

Who hit the longest home run for the 2013 Mets?

Mike Ehrmann

What can't David Wright do? It turns out that one of his most clutch home runs of the 2013 season—a game-tying solo shot in the top of the ninth—that came against perhaps the best closer in baseball, Craig Kimbrel, was also the longest home run hit by a Met all season at 464 feet.

Longest Home Runs of 2013:

Player Date True Distance
David Wright 5/3/2013 464
Marlon Byrd 6/16/2013 453
John Buck 4/21/2013 448
Andrew Brown 5/11/2013 447
John Buck 4/29/2013 447

Source: ESPN Home Run Tracker