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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 55

In the "Shawn Estes should have hit Roger Clemens in the upper back" edition, Jeffrey and Chris celebrate the official beginning of another baseball season with Baseball-Reference play index searches and raves for Jenrry Mejia. There would be lots more to actually talk about, but Jeffrey has decided to refuse to discuss anything Terry Collins says to the media until his first regular season post-game presser.

Run Time: 58:52

On this week's (second) episode...

We do not recommend watching the 2014 Mets season Clockwork-Orange-style.

"Shawn Estes should have been a better pitcher."

Neither Chris nor Jeffrey are comfortable interviewing players.

New podcast policy is in full effect.

Let's talk about Jenrry Mejia, you guys.

Every person in competition for the Mets bullpen will pitch in the Mets bullpen.

We fall down a Play Index rabbit hole.

Jeffrey tells his Shingo Takatsu story.

We have to discuss the Juan Lagares thing because there is an e-mail about it.

Jeffrey reiterates again that EY2 is a perfectly cromulent major league player.

Brandon Nimmo is a man.

Jeffrey is drinking wine again.

More obligatory soccer talk.


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