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Ike Davis concealed oblique injury in 2013

Ike Davis concealed an injury to his oblique from the Mets during the 2013 season

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

First baseman Ike Davis failed to inform the Mets of an injury to his oblique muscle during the 2013 season, according to the New York Post has reported. Davis initially faced problems with his oblique in May, but he decided against reporting it to the team as he was in the midst of his struggles. Davis told the Post, "I thought about saying, ‘Hey, I would like to take a couple of weeks off, because I’m not feeling great,' but then the timing was bad and it was when I was getting sent down. It would have been a great time, but it looks bad and I just can’t say that."

Both Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins appeared to be unaware of the situation when asked, with Alderson giving a more cautious response. Collins told the Post that Davis "didn’t say anything to me or he wouldn’t have played".

Ike Davis was demoted to Triple-A Las Vegas on June 9 last year. He was hitting .161/.242/.258 at the time. He returned on July 5 and hit .267/.429/.443 from then until August 31, when his oblique "popped," ultimately ending his season.