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Mets Morning News: Hope "springs" eternal, as real baseball begins!

Your welcome-back-baseball dose of Friday morning news, notes, and links.

The #FaceofMLB
The #FaceofMLB
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Meet the Mets

Happy Real Baseball Day, Mets fans! Today's lineup can be found here, and will feature Rafael Montero versus Taylor Jordan.

Congratulations to David Wright on becoming the #FaceofMLB! Matt Harvey was apparently pleased as well, having posted this terrific tweet.

The Mets did, in fact, play baseball yesterday. It was against themselves, and the box score and notes can be found here. Dillon Gee made an appearance, where he pitched 1.2 innings.

Jon Niese's MRI came back clean after he suggested that his arm "felt dead." It turned out to be some minor weakness in his scapula, which he told reporters was his own fault, since he used a very specific workout plan during the offseason.

Terry Collins continued to speak highly of Noah Syndergaard, suggesting that he's a "player to watch."

David Wright suggested that he likes Sandy Alderson's 90-win prediction, saying that 90 wins is a "great start."

Carlos Beltran was displeased to hear that an anonymous player was ripping his friend Ruben Tejada. He failed, however, to give Ruben either the King of Spring or ITBSOHL award.

Wilmer Flores talks about how Edgardo Alfonzo was, and is, his inspiration.

Adam Rubin suggests that Eric Young may sit through the weekend.

Tom Gamboa is expected to be named the Brooklyn Cyclones manager. Gamboa is also remembered for an incident in Chicago when he was attacked, on field, by two men on drugs. Also, just a general reminder that NY-Penn League baseball is great, and be sure to support your hometown team!

Around the Majors

Ryan Braun returned from his suspension yesterday, and managed to homer in his first at bat after being heckled by the crowd.

Justin Millar asks if the Phillies would, or even should, trade Cliff Lee.

The Indians are looking to sign Justin Masterson to a long-term deal, knowing that they may not be able to afford to keep him if he reaches free agency.

R.A. Dickey is looking to improve the velocity of his pitches. Dickey suggested that his velocity dipping was a reason for some of his rough starts last season.

Dave Cameron talks about Mike Trout's value, and why $50 million isn't ridiculous.

Friend of the program Eno Sarris held a chat yesterday, where he covered a range of topics.

Jayson Stark explains how Kris Medlen is the Braves new ace, and shouldn't be considered anything less.

Jerry Crasnick says that this year must be "the year" for the Royals, who have a group of players hitting free agency after this season.

Yesterday at AA

Chris McShane continued to bring us all the news from Port St. Lucie, as AA takes over Mets spring training. Chris  spoke with Mets scouting director Tommy Tanous on Dom Smith, and spoke with Mets data guru T.J. Barra, who will soon be printing spreadsheets with Dom Smith's name on them.

Jeffrey Bellone takes a look at exactly how good Nick Franklin would be in New York.

If you read an article or find a link that you think would be a great addition to a future edition of Mets Morning News, please forward it to our tips email address and we'll try to add it in.