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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 52

In the “Ramon Ramirez is why you don’t try and project the next 50 innings of a reliever’s career” edition, Rob and Jeffrey don't even have enough "news" to qualify for a slow news week segment. So instead we're forced to kvetch about Eric Young again (apparently Jeffrey didn't punch himself out on twitter), and consider the Dadaist beauty inherent in Wilmer Flores, starting shortstop. Then we answer your e-mails on the 2015 rotation (might as well get a jump on things), what to do with 13 million dollars that the Mets probably don't have, prospect food puns, overall organizational pitching philosophy, and Ed Kranepool. We wrap things up with Jeffrey going 0-3 at Mets trivia and lamenting the lack of a Wednesday game to make this Saturday a completely drunken debacle.

Run Time: 1:25:56

On this week's episode...

Jeffrey's dogs bark at every passing plow.

Rob impresses us with his diverse taste in music.

The campaign to make everyone think Jeffrey hates EY2 continues.

Awkwardly-phrased astronomy humor.

"I'm Daniel Murphy, and I bat first?"

We read e-mails after answering them, just to mix things up.

Wilmer Flores at shortstop: Good idea, bad idea, or performance art?

"Every e-mail we get wants us to assume perfect health."

Shockingly, Jeffrey slots Jenrry Mejia into the 2015 rotation.

What we would do with 13 million dollars now that the Mets totally don't have any payroll restrictions anymore maybe.

Horrible, horrible puns.

How the Mets develop pitchers.

Some Ed Kranepool talk.

Jeffrey fails at Mets trivia again.

And of course we end with some soccer talk.

And a plug for this Saturday's AARGH.

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