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Mets reportedly made offer to Stephen Drew

Could the Mets be close to bringing in an upgrade at shortstop?

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The New York Mets have reportedly made an offer to 30-year-old shortstop Stephen Drew, according to Mike Francesa of WFAN. The report was rather vague, and Francesa admitted he did not know the number of years guaranteed.

The Mets have been linked to Drew since the beginning of the offseason, when reports surfaced that the Mets were not happy with Ruben Tejada's season. The Mets level of interested has been noted as varying, with Alderson saying at the beginning of the offseason that the Mets would not be players for Drew, followed by later reports that Drew was a focus of the Mets.

As the winter dragged on, Alderson and his staff suggested that the Mets were pleased with Tejada's improvements during the offseason, but some critics questioned whether this was just a front to get Drew to take a lesser deal, as the Mets seem to have limited internal options. Either way, it seems that Drew was never taken off the Mets' list, and they may have been just waiting for the market to change.

It is unclear if the offer has anything to do with the Mets recent change in financial status. It was noted earlier in the winter that the Mets payroll would be a limiting factor in the club's ability to sign Drew, but with the Mets payroll sanctions lifted under the terms of their refinanced loan, the club may be able to still add players.