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Former Bloomberg aide Haeda Mihaltses joins Mets as Director of External Affairs

Haeda Mihaltses, a former high-level aide to Mayor Bloomberg, will become the Mets' first Director of External Affairs.

Allison Joyce

The Mets' organization and ownership group are pushing a variety projects, including the proposed $3 billion redevelopment of Willets Point and an effort to bring professional soccer to Queens. To deal with these high-profile issues and others, and to serve as a general liaison to elected officials and community leaders, the team has created a new front office position, Director of External Affairs. As first reported by Anthony DiComo, the job will be filled on March 3 by a former high-level staffer of the recently departed Mayor Bloomberg named Haeda Mihaltses.

Although she can't play shortstop, Mihaltses should help the organization off the field. She served as Bloomerg's Director of Intergovernmental Affairs, meaning she built and maintained the mayor's relationships with elected officials around the city and state, likely building a network of connections that is sure to come in handy in her new job with the Mets. She is a Queens native and resident, and presumably lifelong Mets fan, and was appointed by the mayor to oversee New York City's Hurricane Sandy relief effort on Staten Island.

Good luck to Haeda as she promotes the Mets' and Wilpons' interests around New York.