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Miami Marlins sign Carlos Marmol to one year, $1.25 million dollar contract

One of the closer-types reportedly coveted by the Mets is off the market.

Stephen Dunn

I'm not sure what constitutes a "closer-type" relief pitcher these days. Earlier this week, the Mets were reported to be in search of such a pitcher, but the search has come up empty so far.

Now comes the news that former Cubs closer Carlos Marmol has reached an agreement with the Miami Marlins for one year and $1.25 million. If he's still considered a closer-type, then the Mets' options have suddenly grown thinner. Either way, the Marlins have invested in a volatile relief pitcher.

Marmol, still just 31 years old after nine MLB seasons, has always had incredible stuff, but he's also been constantly plagued by control issues. More recently, the control issues have take center stage, as Marmol hasn't posted a WHIP below 1.30 since 2010.

Last season, Marmol got off to a horrid start with the Cubs, posting a 5.86 ERA and 1.55 WHIP in 27.2 innings. The club traded him to the playoff-bound Dodgers for cash, and Marmol appeared to turn his season around. In 21.1 innings out west, he pitched to a 2.53 ERA, but that figure isn't supported by the underlying stats. Marmol still walked 19 batters during his time with Los Angeles to go along with his 27 strikeouts.

Marmol clearly still has the ability to miss bats, but a high walk rate is locked in as well. If he can avoid walking batters at the wrong times, he can still provide some value to a major league club.