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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 56

In the "It would be convenient if they gave #56 to an interesting prospect this Spring, but I forgot that it's Scott Rice's number" edition. Rob and Jeffrey finally sit down to talk about the Amazin' Avenue Top 25 Mets prospect list, but first they spend ten minutes talking about the 2008 Mets bullpen for some reason. #blameAyala. We also answer your e-mails about...shortstops...again.

Run Time: 1:26:05

On this week's episode...

"Luis Ayala, notable probably not for good reasons."

We spend ten minutes of our prospect list podcast on the 2008 Mets bullpen.

The Omar Minaya era, exactly as bad as you remember.

How much #rig is too much #rig?

We kindly ask that you stop comping Rafael Montero to Pedro Martinez.

Friday's spring training game was great, and Jeffrey couldn't watch it.

Should Dom Smith be higher on our list?

Jeffrey thinks Dom Smith is riskier than he looks.

Brandon Nimmo vs. Kevin Plawecki.

Rob totally comps Plawecki to Joey Votto you guys.

Rob is leery of Nimmo's tools.

More talk about Dominican teenagers.

Who's #1 in 2015?

Rob goes off the board.

Jeffrey goes waaaaaay off the board.

Who's top five in 2015?

Jeffrey finds ways to praise Domingo Tapia's 2013.

Major-league-ready prospects, and what to do with them

Shortstop Avenue Audio is back!


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Don't forget you can e-mail the show at And tune in next week as Rob and Jeffrey kick off our 2014 Mets preview. Adjust your liquor store list accordingly.

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