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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 58

In the "Jenrry Mejia's hair deserves its own edition" edition, Rob and Jeffrey talk about Jenrry Mejia's hair, natch'. We also preview the 2014 Mets infield, which mostly devolves into a discussion of David Wright's future Hall of Fame case. Chris McShane helps out too, sitting down with Mike Vorkunov of the Star-Ledger to see where the Mets shortstop and first base situation currently stand. Then, we continue our NL East preview with the Atlanta Braves, and Talking Chop's Ben Duronio. It's a cast of thousands on Amazin' Avenue Audio! Finally, we wrap up with your e-mails, and Jeffrey's most recent failure at Mets Trivia.

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Run Time: 1:36:07

On this week's episode...

"I wear like wingtip boots to work."

"Let's talk about your favorite picture of Jenrry Mejia's hair, Rob."


"I do actually have shots of him stretching before that game, but I'm not that creepy, Rob."

Jeffrey is a bad influence on Chris McShane.

Jeffrey is going to be cold.

"We have not, as you can tell, gotten off to a flying start."

Infield Avenue Audio!

New business: David Wright is awesome.

David Wright's Hall of Fame case.

TRAIDing Murph or perhaps trading Murph.

Jeffrey makes multiple soccer references when talking about Murphy.

We tell the Tony Bernazard story again.

We revisit the Blue Jays trade.


Revisiting our Tejada odds from two weeks ago.

Oh yeah, we have to combine catcher with infield this year.

Mike Vorkunov talks the 2014 Mets infield with Chris McShane.

Ben Duronio discusses the 2014 Braves with Jeffrey.

More Terry Collins talk.

Anthony Seratelli is not Omar Quintanilla

Jeffrey fails at Mets trivia...again, will soothe his wounded pride with Galliano.

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