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MLB should think again on heightened security screening

Major League Baseball is mandating heightened security screening at all 30 stadiums by 2015. It's a mistake.

Chris Trotman

Here's a letter to Major League Baseball:

The Associated Press reports that you will team with the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and mandate that all 30 MLB teams implement heightened security screening at stadiums by 2015. You should re-examine this initiative.

Consider the effect on fan satisfaction and attendance. The full-body scanners and invasive pat-downs that are soon coming to stadiums are hallmarks of airport security theater, which is run by DHS agency the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). A 2013 survey conducted by found that 85% of fliers gave the TSA a "fair" or "poor" rating; just 15% gave a "good" or "excellent" rating. Going through airport security is a time-consuming, unpleasant experience. Baseball fans are not likely to enjoy the airport-esque security amenities at stadiums. This will not be a sound business decision.

You should end your partnership with DHS and reconsider the new security measures, both because it will improve your bottom line and because you should respect basic human dignity.


James Kannengieser

Note: I'll add that maybe I am wrong, and baseball fans will respond with a shrug to the new security measures. If they do, that would be, well, disappointing.