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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 59

In the "[redacted] is the only player to wear #59 for the Mets" edition, Rob and Jeffrey (and Chris and Marc Carig) preview the 2014 Mets rotation. Will Jon Niese ever be healthy and above-average at the same time? How fat can Bartolo Colon get? Do we have anything to say about Dillon Gee? Who exactly is going to be the Mets fifth starter? (Jeffrey makes a sad face) All these questions will at least be discussed. Plus, we debut the Shorstop Avenue Audio jingle, because of course we have shortstop e-mails to answer, and Jeffrey and Rob completely forget to do Mets trivia, which means Jeffrey doesn't get Mets trivia wrong.

Run Time: 1:48:06

On this week's episode...

Rob wants a green cupcake.

Jeffrey awkwardly compares the podcast to RadioLab.

We discuss Jon Niese's elbow.

Jeffrey wildly changes his opinion on Jon Niese's contract in the space of like three minutes.

"Bartolo Colon- fat, but good?"

Do we have anything to say about Dillon Gee?

Debating Zack Wheeler in the near-term.

Jeffrey didn't listen to the interview first this week, so obviously misprounces Marc Carig's name.

Marc Carig of Newsday makes us sad about Jenrry Mejia.

Jeffrey revisits his adolescent beat poet pretensions and brings you a jingle.

We talk about Wilmer Flores, shortstop.

Joe McIlvaine watch!

And Jeffrey gets to watch live baseball soon.

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Don't forget you can e-mail the show at And tune in next week as our 2014 previews roll on.

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