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The 2014 Amazin' Avenue Charity Pledge Drive

Make a Mets-related pledge and help raise money for a great cause.

For each of the last four years, we've held charity pledge drives here at Amazin' Avenue, and this year is no different. What's the Amazin' Avenue Charity Pledge Drive, you ask?

Well, back in 2010, David Wright's strikeout rate wasn't so pretty. The increase in Wright's strikeouts was alarming, but we decided to take something negative and turn it into something positive. We'd pledge a certain amount of money for each of Wright's strikeouts over the course of the season, tally the total at the end of the year, and donate that amount of money to charity.

From there, the great community here got creative and came up with all sorts of Mets-related things to turn into pledges. If the Mets finished ahead of the Phillies, R.A. Dickey won a Cy Young award, or Lucas Duda legged out a triple, folks promised to donate a specific amount of money.

We've raised money for a couple of great charities over the past few years, and this year we turn our donations to a great local organization: City Harvest. In short, the organization rescues food and delivers it to those who need it. Here's a snippet from the City Harvest website:

More than 1.7 million New Yorkers currently live in poverty, struggling to afford basic necessities such as rent and medical care and put food on their tables. City Harvest helps feed the nearly two million people who face hunger each year.

  • We rescue some 126,000 pounds of food each day.
  • We regularly give food to more than 500 community programs.
  • It costs City Harvest just 24 cents to rescue and deliver a pound of food.

And on top of all that, City Harvest has a four-star rating on Charity Navigator. You can read plenty more about the organization here.

So you're invited to join us in pledging a donation to City Harvest at the end of the Mets' 2014 season. We'll do the math and be in touch to let you know what your total pledge was at the end of the season, and you can go ahead and doante that amount on City Harvest's donation page.

You can make your pledge using the form below (also available here), and you're encouraged to share your pledge in the comments section. Thanks in advance for your participation!