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Mets Spring Training: Who was the biggest surprise?

Eric Campbell hit .311/.380/.511 this spring.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

When spring training began not too long ago, Eric Campbell wasn't expected to surprise anyone. Or impress anyone. Heck, most Mets fans probably hadn't even heard of him. Last year in Triple-A, he split his time between first base, third base, right field, and left field. Meanwhile, he hit .314/.435/.475 in Las Vegas, good for a 148 wRC+. The Mets already have a glut of first basemen and a perennial All-Star at third base. Nevertheless, Eric Campbell’s spring training opened some eyes this spring.

In 50 plate appearances, Campbell hit .311/.380/.511 with four walks and only six strikeouts. Unfortunately for Campbell’s hopes for playing time, the Mets added two veteran outfielders this season, Chris Young and Curtis Granderson. Campbell could still find big league playing time with the 2014 Mets. If Josh Satin regresses a bit and doesn't hit as he did in 2013, Campbell can serve as an effective right-handed platoon partner for Ike Davis or Lucas Duda. Further, Campbell can play a corner outfield spot if Eric Young, Juan Lagares, Curtis Granderson, or Chris Young gets injured.

Who surprised you the most this spring?