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2014 Mets Opening Day lineup

It's here! It's really here! And there are some last-minute changes.

Nick Laham

It has been a long, cold winter in New York, but screw all of that now because it's Mets Opening Day! The sun is coming out a bit and there's baseball to be played. Of course, it wouldn't be the Mets if there weren't some last-minute unexpected changes.

Daniel Murphy is out of the lineup because his wife is in labor. Good news for the Murphys, and good news for Eric Young, who will be starting at second base today. Whether all of this is good news for the Mets is open for debate.

Chris Young is also out of the lineup today, either because of a quad strain or the flu, depending on whom you ask. Other sources corroborate the quad strain report, so we're going to go with that. In either case, Andrew Brown will start the game in left field.

In other influenza-related news, Terry Collins says that four or five Mets are battling the flu.

Putting all of that aside, here is the Opening Day lineup for your 2014 New York Mets!

Eric Young – 2B
Juan Lagares – CF
David Wright – 3B
Curtis Granderson – RF
Andrew Brown – LF
Ike Davis – 1B
Travis d’Arnaud – C
Ruben Tejada – SS
Dillon Gee - RHP

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Now let's play ball!