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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 57

In the "Tonight, Boss" edition, Rob and Jeffrey share their Santana no-hitter stories before launching into the 2014 Mets preview with the triumphant return of Outfield Avenue Audio (yes, we know we said we'd start with the infield, but we rarely stick to plans). Jeffrey says mean things about Eric Young despite his plans to only say nice things about Eric Young. Meanwhile, Rob is bullish on Curtis Granderson. Then, Liz Roscher of The Good Phight joins the show and has to put up with Jeffrey's merciless trolling of the Phillies offseason. Finally, we wrap up with your e-mail (singular) about playing for 2014, and whether Terry Collins can get the extra 2% out of the Mets. We hope Jonah Keri appreciates the free plug.

Run Time: 1:35:06

On this week's episode...

Neither of us have a no-hitter story as good as Sam T. Page's

We actually remember to do Mets Trivia at the beginning of the show.

Rob has his priorities straight.

Jeffrey and Chris get bumped of local news for the McFadden's girls.

We discuss Curtis Granderson's HR/FB rate.

Jeffrey says nice things about Eric Young? No, no he does not.

What happens to Chris Young?

Rob thinks there is a bit more in Juan Lagares' bat.

Liz Roscher of the Good Phight joins the show to preview the 2014 Phillies...

...and she's really excited about middle relievers!

How to maximize wins for the 2014 Mets.

Jeffrey is still terrible at Mets trivia.

And we wrap up with a depressing look at the late-90s Mets drafts.

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Don't forget you can e-mail the show at And tune in next week we talk about something related to the Mets. That is all we are promising.

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