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Mets Player Performance Meter: Pitchers, Week 2

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It was a bit of a rough week for the Mets' pitching staff.

Lisa Blumenfeld

Run prevention wasn't exactly the Mets' specialty over the past week. After shutting out the Braves on Tuesday, they allowed four, four, five, six, and fourteen runs in their next five games, respectively. Given that fact, their 3-3 record thus far on the road trip doesn't look too bad. Here's how each of the pitchers fared individually from Tuesday through yesterday's blowout loss in Anaheim.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Bartolo Colon, RHP Colon threw a hell of a game against the Braves, but his star tin Anaheim yesterday was so bad that it ruined his week.
Jeurys Familia, RHP Yes, that’s an up arrow for the guy whose hit a batter on Friday night to give the Angels a walk-off win. Familia had a 1.69 ERA in 5.2 innings, and it was certainly not his fault that he was asked to throw so many pitches in that game and to intentionally walk the bases loaded before the hit-by-pitch.
Kyle Farnsworth, RHP He’s not striking out many opponents, but Farnsworth had three more good outings this week.
Dillon Gee, RHP For the second straight start, Gee was cruising until hitting a wall, and he gave up a couple of home runs and issued four walks in 5.2 innings.
Gonzalez Germen, RHP He threw three scoreless innings and leads the Mets’ bullpen in ERA and FIP for the season.
John Lannan, LHP The Mets wouldn’t have won on Saturday night without his pair of scoreless innings, but he looked awfully hittable in giving up three runs in one inning yesterday.
Jenrry Mejia, RHP While his defense did him few favors, Mejia clearly struggled a bit in his start and gave up four runs in five innings with seven strikeouts and four walks. The walks are very high for him through two starts.
Jon Niese, LHP A perfectly cromulent second start from Niese: 7.1 innings, 3 runs, 5 strikeouts, and 1 walk.
Scott Rice, LHP Rice is of to a really rough start this year. Over the last seven days, he gave up two runs on three hits and two walks in 1.2 innings and threw a couple wild pitches, to boot.
Carlos Torres, RHP One of the bullpen goats on Opening Day, Torres had a dominant week with six strikeouts, one walk, and no runs allowed in four innings.
Jose Valverde, RHP Of his three appearances, only one went poorly, but that one nearly cost the Mets the game on Saturday night. Raul Ibanez still hits for power against right-handed pitchers, but that didn’t make the outing any less disappointing.
Zack Wheeler, RHP The good news was the Wheeler didn’t walk anybody in his start this week and got a ton of swinging strikes. The bad news was that he gave up four runs on eight hits in five innings.