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Curtis Granderson leaves Mets game early with injury

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Granderson appeared to hurt his left forearm or wrist as he slammed into the fence.

Stephen Dunn

Mets right fielder Curtis Granderson left the team's game early this evening a few innings after he slammed his left arm into part of the Diamondbacks' right field fence. That happened in the first inning, but Granderson remained in the game through the fifth inning, singling against Arizona's shift in the fifth. He was pulled in favor of Andrew Brown to start the bottom of the sixth.

Granderson has struggled so far in his young Mets career, hitting .170/.291/.319 in 55 plate appearances through tonight.

According to the SNY broadcast, Granderson has contusions on his left forearm, ribs, and left knee as a result of his collision with the fence. Of course, he missed huge chunks of time last year as he suffered a couple of freak broken bones with the Yankees. The Mets signed Granderson to a four-year, $60 million deal over the offseason as part of an attempt to revamp the team's outfield.

If Granderson has to miss significant time, the Mets figure to call up someone from Triple-A Las Vegas. Perhaps this will be Bobby Abreu's chance to return to Major League Baseball.