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Could the Mets turn to Bobby Abreu in the outfield?

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In a crowded outfield situation that may suddenly not be so crowded, Bobby Abreu might be approaching relevance.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Juan Lagares has been a joy to watch over the first two weeks of the Mets' season. Curtis Granderson, while ice cold, is established in right. Chris Young is set to return on Friday and is 7-for-7 with two home runs and a 3.400 OPS in two games with the 51s. Eric Young is Eric Young.

So why even talk about Bobby Abreu? He's 40 years old. He last appeared in a major league game in October 2012. He hasn't played enough yet in this young season to have done anything worth commenting on. The outfield picture is already muddled.

Well, Granderson ran into a wall tonight and Lagares followed that by coming up lame while reaching for his hamstring. Also, in nine games, Abreu is hitting .500/.577/.636. It might have seemed unthinkable at the end of spring training, but has Abreu just become relevant?