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What's your favorite Shea Stadium memory?

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Shea Stadium opened its doors for the first time 50 years ago today.

UIG via Getty Images

Fifty years ago today, the Mets officially opened their new home: Shea Stadium. The Mets, of course, played their first two seasons at the Polo Grounds in Manhattan, but they moved out to Queens for the 1964 season.

Named after William Shea, who helped bring National League baseball back to New York City after the Dodgers and Giants left for California, the ballpark hosted plenty of big events. The Beatles played there. The Mets called it home through the 2008 season and won two World Series and won a couple more pennants. The Jets played football there. The Yankees even called Shea home for a couple of years while they renovated their stadium.

I saw my first Major League Baseball game at Shea in 1989. Darryl Strawberry hit a home run, and the old apple went up, and if I had to pinpoint the reason I'm a Mets fan, that's it. It might not have been perfect, but there was plenty to love about Shea. Whether it was the view from the loge, tipping the right usher in the mezzanine boxes for a seat upgrade, or holding on for dear life as the upper deck shook, the place felt like home.

So on this anniversary, Mets fans, what's your favorite memory from the Mets' former home?