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Mets will activate Chris Young for tonight's game

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The 30-year-old outfielder will make his return from a mild quad injury.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

According to Jay Horwitz, the Mets will activate Chris Young from the disabled list for tonight's contest against the Braves. Young was put on the disabled list after pulling up lame in just his first inning of the season, during the Mets opening series against the Nationals. Young had been nursing an injured leg throughout spring training, and it was eventually revealed that he had a mild quad strain.

Young's return to the lineup comes at seemingly a perfect time, as the Mets need reinforcements in the outfield with the recent injury to Juan Lagares. Young impressed in a rehab game earlier in the week,  but it remains to be seen if he can consistently produce at the major league level he once did.

Although the Mets may have a need for Young now, Juan Lagares will inevitably be activated off of the disabled list, at which point Terry Collins will have a decision to make. Should Chris Young impress this week, there will certainly be debate over who among Eric Young Jr., Juan Lagares, and Curtis Granderson should sit.