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Reaction Roundup: The Mets' Ike Davis trade

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A brief collection of some early opinions on the Ike Davis trade.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Just before their game this evening, the Mets traded Ike Davis to the Pittsburgh Pirates for minor league relief pitcher Zack Thornton and a player to be named later. While Sandy Alderson told the press that he's very excited about the player to be named later, the identity of that player is not yet known. So for now, it's certain that the Mets parted with Davis and acquired Thornton.

On to some of the quick reactions:

  • Bucs Dugout wonders if the Pirates will play Davis in a platoon now that he's on the team.
  • Pirates Prospects says it's too soon to judge, but Ike Davis isn't worth a top prospect.
  • Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog is withholding judgment for now, but he's hoping the buzz about the Mets getting a high pick from the Pirates' 2013 draft is true.
  • Rising Apple can't judge the deal yet, either, but is glad the three-headed platoon at first base is now history.
  • Mets Police wishes Ike the best of luck.
  • Our own Steve Sypa has a detailed profile of Thornton.
  • Steven Goldman says it looks like the Mets gave Ike Davis away over at SB Nation.
  • Jon Heyman tweeted that the player to be named later in the deal is "fairly significant."