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Community Projection: Curtis Granderson

What kind of season will Curtis Granderson have? Read a season preview and provide your own projection.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Which would you prefer for the Mets?

  • Marlon Byrd at two years, $16 million with a third year option; or
  • Curtis Granderson at four years, $60 million

I'd go with the former, mainly for cost reasons, but also because there's a strong chance Byrd matches or outperforms Granderson over the next few seasons. I'm happy the Mets spent some money this offseason, but the Granderson deal seems like a head-scratcher, given the Mets' resources and various other roster holes.

Still, I'm mildly bullish on Granderson for 2014. And it's based largely on the first at-bat I watched of him wearing a Mets uniform. It was a mammoth home run in early spring training against the Astros. It's a sign. Seriously though, before you provide your projection, check out that homer:

(let's just ignore that the rest of his spring was a steaming turd)

Citi Field isn't the home run haven that Yankee Stadium is but I've still pegged Granderson for 30+ longballs. Post your Granderson projection in the comments in the same format as below. I'll compare our projections to actual results at season's end.

Curtis Granderson

PA: 620
HR: 31
AVG: .245
OBP: .330
SLG: .479