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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 61

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We kick off the 2014 Mets season pretty much the same way we ended the 2013 season: complaining about the Mets bullpen. #RIP2014Mets.

Run Time: 58:11

In the "Livan Hernandez is probably still pitching somewhere" edition, Jeffrey and his archenemy Greg try and parse small sample sizes (small sample sample sizes). Can we find something nice to say about opening day? Well, there's always David Wright. Was Monday an ill portent for the Mets bullpen? Well, there's not nearly enough evidence to conclude that, but probably. Also, Jeffrey issues a mea culpa for ever doubting Jenrry Mejia, and we try and deduce who will be off the 25-man roster for Jon Niese. There's plenty of talk about Bobby Parnell's elbow as well, which, come to think of it, is probably more convincing evidence that the bullpen is doomed.. And of course we answer your e-mails, and bring you a Montreal travelogue set to the soothing, public domain sounds of Erik Satie.

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