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Mets name advance scouting assistant Jim Kelly as new video replay coordinator

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It would be fun if they just had a Twitter poll every time there was a close call.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

In case you've been abstaining from baseball for the past year, you might want to know that MLB has introduced a new replay system this season that allows managers to challenge pretty much any call on the field except for balls and strikes as well as the notorious "neighborhood" play at second base. If second basemen had to concentrate on actually touching the bag, it would be that much harder for them to avoid Bryce Harper's noggin.

As I'm sure other baseball teams are doing, the Mets have appointed a member of their staff to a new "video replay coordinator" position that will presumably be in charge of deciding which plays Terry Collins should consider challenging over the course of a game. That staff member is Jim Kelly, who is presently working as New York's advance scouting assistant and is not the former quarterback of the Buffalo Bills.

Kelly just joined the Mets in 2012, and before that he worked at an investment bank. A graduate of Dartmouth who used to pitch for the Big Green, Kelly's combination of smarts and baseball experience will hopefully serve the Mets well as we enter this new era of baseball.