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Chris Young leaves game early with quad injury

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The outfielder played just the top of the first inning.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Young made his Mets debut this evening against the Nationals, but he only played the top of the first inning. On a foul ball down the left field line, Young pulled up a bit lame. After missing Opening Day because a mild quad strain, it was apparent that the injury was still bothering him.

If Young's injury requires a trip to the disabled list—which seems likely given the fact that he was unable to coplete the game after a few days off—Andrew Brown and Eric Young could platoon in left field in his absence. The silver lining here is that Juan Lagares should get an opportunity to cement himself as the Mets' everyday center fielder.

On top of that, Young hitting the DL would open up a spot on the active roster for Jon Niese, who is on track to start for the Mets on Sunday afternoon as they host the Reds.