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Mets Morning News: Mets comeback thwarted, closer Valverde departed

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Your Sunday dose of New York Mets and Major League Baseball news, notes, and links.

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Meet the Mets

After Jose Valverde allowed another home run, Kyle Farnsworth is now the new Mets closer.

John Lannan has accepted his assignment to AAA Las Vegas.

Bartolo Colon swinging a bat is everything we could've hoped for, really.

Jon Heyman reported that the Mets are expected to receive a 2013 Pirates draft pick in return for Ike Davis. Who could the PTBNL be? Here are some of the possibilities.

Mets pitching prospect Matt Bowman appears to be a #TrueSABR.

Yesterday At AA

Chris McShane looked back at Ike Davis' Mets career.

Around the NL East

The Nationals lost to the Cardinals as Bryce Harper was benched for not hustling. The Marlins beat the Mariners 7-0 as Henderson Alvarez shut #6org down. And the Phillies lost to the Rockies 3-1.

Around the Majors

ESPN has the story of Yasiel Puig's journey from Cuba.

There have been 20 Tommy John surgeries in the last year.

Add Ivan Nova to that list, as he was diagnosed with a partially torn UCL.

A camera guy fell while recording JB Shuck's first inning home run.

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