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Final Score: Cardinals 3, Mets 0 — Waino Stifles, Holliday Steals

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Seven innings of Adam Wainwright was seven innings too many, as the Mets are shut out by the Cards' ace and the St. Louis bullpen, with some help from Matt Holliday's glove (no, really).

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The Cardinals chirped first tonight, scoring twice in the top of the fourth on a bases loaded Jon Jay single. Despite loading the bases twice in that inning, Dillon Gee managed to cap the damage at two runs, but two runs is a hefty margin when in the hands of Adam Wainwright, who limited the Mets to four hits over seven innings. The closest the Mets would come to scoring in this game when Chris Young hit a potential game-tying homer to deep left field in the bottom of the fifth, only to see it robbed at the fence by Matt Holliday. (Yes, that Matt Holliday.) Wainwright appeared to have a complete game shutout in his sights, but hyperextended his knee lunging after a ball in the seventh and had to leave the game. The Mets could make no hay against the Cards' bullpen, however. St. Louis plated a needless insurance run in the top of the ninth on a Holliday RBI single, while the Mets worked two walks against Cardinals closer Trevor Rosenthal but could manage no more.

Full recap to come.

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