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Final Score: Mets 3, Cardinals 2—Wacha walks in a couple, Mets bullpen preserves lead

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The Mets are over .500 again after beating the Cardinals this evening.


On a blustery night at Citi Field, the Mets defeated the Cardinals thanks to excellent pitching, a pair of bases-loaded walks from Michael Wacha, an insurance run on a long home run by Lucas Duda, and a great tag by Travis d'Arnaud in the ninth inning. The Cardinals got on the board with a run in the first, thanks in part to a misstep by Ruben Tejada on what should have been an inning-ending double play, and Michael Wacha notched nine strikeouts through the first three innings against the Mets.

But in the fourth, a combination of walks, hits, and a quickly rising pitch count did Wacha in. Though he finished the inning, he issued walks to Ruben Tejada and Kirk Nieuwenhuis to give the Mets the lead. Jon Niese, who was great, kept the Cardinals off the board through six-and-two-thirds innings, and Lucas Duda hit a long home run in the bottom of the sixth to give the Mets a little extra breathing room. That was just enough, as Daisuke Matsuzaka, Carlos Torres, and Scott Rice combined for a scoreless inning-and-one-third before Kyle Farnsworth gave up a run in the ninth—and no more, thanks to a great tag by Travis d'Arnaud on the would-be second run at the plate—before finishing the ninth with the victory intact.

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Nice job by amazins8669; his effort in the GameThread embiggens us all.

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