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A Mets Farm System Popularity Contest

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Pretty simple: Who will you be watching this season?

(Photo Credit: Chris McShane)

Today is Opening Day for the minor leagues(!) -- always a joyous occasion around these parts. Additionally, it typically makes me curious. Specifically, I want to know who Mets fans will be watching most closely this summer. I know who I'll be watching; but I want to know who you'll be watching.

So my request is a pretty simple one: In the poll below choose which Mets minor leaguer you're most excited/curious/anxious to watch in 2014.

What I am not asking is 'Who is the best prospect?'. Nor am I wondering who will have the best year. Not sleepers, bounce-backs, etc. Just the guy who you'll be keeping a close eye on this season. Additionally, I encourage you to share your thinking below.

Oh and enjoy the season!