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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 62

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It's our 2014 minor league preview, because it beats doing a major league review.

Run time: 1:12:53

In the "Elvin Ramirez could probably be of use in the Mets bullpen at this moment" edition, it's time for Rob and Jeffrey's minor league preview. We keep it under two hours this year, but still find time to bemoan the Binghamton roster, predict the first promotions, and give you our "My Guys" lists. We have e-mails to answer as well, including the debut of the Amazin' Avenue Audio Drinking Game (Drinking Avenue Audio, natch'), and Jeffrey tries to get a Mets trivia winning streak going.

As always, you can listen or subscribe to the podcast through iTUNES, find us on the stitcher app, listen through the embedded player below, or download the podcast directly from Blog Talk Radio.

Don't forget you can e-mail the show at And tune in next week when we will have Mets wins (!) to discuss.

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