A post about the New York Mets


Gee, is it time for us to win yet? d'Arn, naud? I would really Ike to see us Wright the ship, but a winning streak right now might just delay management from Collins the minor league players up. Plus last season I felt like Tejada the team got, the more they would just disappoint me later. I may be Young now, but I can tell you for sure that these last few seasons will not be the ones I tell my Granderson about. I want to be able to tell him about the magical 2014 when I Satin those Citi Field seats and watched a team actually put together a pretty Niese season and surprise everyone. I want to talk about the Murphyling I had watching them take baseball by storm. I know we all are Syndergaarded with our expectations for what this team can do, but I think this could be the year.

I feel like the last few seasons have Torres this Familia of Mets fans apart. The absurd Colons that the owners had to take from the bank, the Lagareses in prices of tickets, and the general Brownward trend of the team made it seem like it wasn't Farnsworth it to keep watching. Even when management said that they had no more spending limits, it didn't seem like they Germent it. But Rice now, it seems like they have been Lannon this kind of turnaround for a while. Wheeler or not you believe Mejia, this is our year! It's obvious Dud, da! This is our Valverde of of Reckerning. New York Mets, 2014, and any other contenders can tell Aldersons and all their daughters that they gave it their best, but this was fate.

Screw you, Omar Quintanilla.

(A few of these are terrible, apologies for that. Didn't have a lot of time to fine tune it.)

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