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This Week in Mets Quotes: Mejia to the bullpen?, Mets fans need to stop worrying, Randolph tells a boring story

Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets—and about them—recently. Here are some of our favorites.

Andy Marlin

Indeed, it does suck.

"Just frustrated. Losing sucks. You just miss a pitch to tie a game up, that sucks." —David Wright [ESPN]

Oh, good, I was getting worried.

"You look at what's happened the last 10 days, we haven't been able to execute on the offensive side the way we want," Collins said. "We are where we are because we haven't hit. We'll start hitting." —Terry Collins [ESPN]

See, nothing to worry about.

"We’ve got 130 games to go — we’re doing all right. We’ll get it going. We came in and played the Rockies who were red hot and these guys are red hot here. We’re going to get hot, too." —Terry Collins [New York Post]

Serious, everyone stop worrying!

"Anytime you have a losing streak, you're not worried — you just have to battle out of it. Each and every day, get ready for that game and apply yourself and not get caught up in thinking that you've got to do more than what you're doing. What ends up festering is that guys take it upon themselves to think that they've got to be the guy that stops the losing." —Terry Collins []

Maybe this mentality is contributing to a career low .103 ISO.

"It’s frustrating when you leave that many people on base for sure. But that would be multiplied if we weren’t getting people out there to drive in. I think sometimes that can work against you, when you have guys that want to be up there, want to get that big hit, and kind of trying too hard or getting caught up in the moment instead of doing your thing, taking your single." —David Wright [New York Post]

Feeling more and more like a couple-of-week thing.

"This is where we’ve gotten ourselves in trouble in the past. We allow these things to kind of stretch out over a couple of weeks instead of a series here and there. Hopefully the difference between this year and the last couple of years is when we go in these little slides we stop it at a series or two series rather than let it carry over and turn it into a couple-of-week thing." —David Wright [New York Post]

Pretty the ‘perfect’ pitch does not mean right down the middle.

"I was trying to be perfect. I just threw strikes right down the middle. [Friday] I was thinking about throwing strikes, move the hitter out and in: That made me better." —Jenrry Mejia [New York Post]

This is a very insightful take on something I never really considerd.

"It definitely hits me mentally, especially because I’ve been a starter my whole career. I know how much effort starters put in preparing for the starts, and as well as [Niese] pitched, it hit me hard." —Daisuke Matsuzaka [New York Post]

This is a very insightful take on how boring the Yankees are; ‘son of a gun,’ what is this Leave it to Beaver?

"That was so cool. I can die and go to heaven. I would’ve given anything to be a Bleacher Creature. I was always very envious of them. I couldn’t sit in the stands because people would hassle me the whole game, but sitting in the booth or the suite isn’t much fun. So my buddy Mitch Modell let us borrow his tickets [a few rows behind the Yankees dugout]. At first, I yelled at him, "Hey, Jet!" I always called him "Jet." He didn’t respond, so I thought, "Is he ignoring me? I’m going to find out." So I started shouting, "Hey Jeter, you suck!" I blew my cover. Derek turns around, sees me and laughs. He says, "Will-o, you son of a gun." Then in typical Jeter fashion, he goes up and hits a line-drive double. I’m one of the only Yankees fans who’s heckled Derek Jeter at Yankee Stadium." Willie Randolph [New York Post]

Yeah, but probably should have asked if he was hydrated.

"Injuries are caused by guys playing when they're dehydrated but he told me he felt great." Terry Collins on Duda playing after missing a game with a stomach flu [ESPN]

I agree, the Mets bullpen will drive anyone to drink.

"Oh, I hated the Mets with a passion that kills and still do. [But the Mets -- at least the late ’60s version -- are the] perfect team for Don Draper to root for. They’re brand new. They represent nothing but possibility. Don would never be a Yankee fan. That’s a frontrunner. He’s an underdog guy, if he’s anything." Jon Hamm [New York Post]

He added, ‘Also, I mean have you seen what starters get paid compared to relievers.’

"I’ve been a starter and that’s what I’m going to be. I’ve had two operations.  I’m worried about my arm. I want to have a long career. I don’t want to get hurt again." Jenrry Mejia [New York Post]

Got to sell #lolmets somehow…

"I don’t know why people talk about it, because we already had that conversation and [the Mets] know they have a starter and I want to be there. They said they want me to be a starter. They’ve got to know. They’ve got to believe in me that I am going to prove myself." —Jenrry Mejia [New York Post]

…even if it feels like everyone seems to be in agreement

"He’s got three quality pitches. He’s got the ability to start." —Dan Warthen [New York Post]

Notably, Colon and Mejia were omitted.

"I actually do think we have some guys that can swing. I think I can get some hits. [Jon] Niese can normally get some hits. [Zack] Wheeler has a good swing, so I think they will come. We’re just in a bad slump right now for pitchers getting hits." —Dillon Gee [New York Post]

Well, the results are showing.

"I think that’s why I feel more concentrated, because it happened to me last year, and last year I [eventually] put everything together. I think even my defense was affected last year. I try to separate offense and defense and keep my head up and keep working." —Ruben Tejada [New York Post]

And I thought the 90 wins controversy was boring.

"I didn't do my due diligence to read what went out. It’s on me. It’s not on anyone else. I put my name on it. I put my likeness on it. I have to live with it. It seems like everything that comes out from the Mets is looked at poorly. I just think that there has to be a re-evaluation of the disconnect and how to reconnect to how [fans] feel and what [the team] is trying to do." —Ron Darling [New York Post]

AA Quote of the Week

"Right, he’s Tejada without the breaking ball." — MetsCity